Swymfit pool

Based on the Governor's phased reopening plan for businesses, Swymfit is following the guidelines for a late June reopening. Please check back weekly to learn more. All EFT accounts will be prorated based on our reopening date.  You do not need to contact us to initiate this. 

We miss all of our members, and our swimming lesson and swim team families.  Please know that we are anxious to reopen and look forward to seeing all of you soon!

Swymfit® - A Water-based Exercise Program for Better Health

The overriding principle behind our Swymfit program is movement enhancement.

  • For the older adult this means being able to walk safely and confidently.
  • For the athlete this means improved athleticism and athletic skill along with injury prevention.
  • For the average adult who needs general fitness, this means an improved quality of life.

To achieve your fitness goals, we advocate a three-way approach to fitness which can be modified to fit your individual needs and goals. The three elements of the Swymfit Program are:

  1. Deep Water Exercise
  2. Land Based Body Weight/Movement Routines
  3. Machine Based Strength Training

What makes us different is our orientation to movement-based workouts in low or no impact, joint-friendly environments. Our programs are designed to deliver superior total body results with little risk of injury.