Swymfit Club Hours


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Closes        9:00 pm     9:30 pm       9:00 pm         9:30 pm      9:00 pm    6:00 pm      5:00 pm


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Water-based Exercise for Better Health


 The Champion's Way 

 Swymfit founder and owner Steve Victorson's first book is now available for purchase at Swymfit, Willow Books in Acton, and at Amazon.    



 "Mandatory reading for any coach or parent interested in what makes a Champion." 

Ron Kipp

U.S. Ski Team Alpine Sport Education Manager

Father of a 2012 Olympian 


Our health and fitness center offers a unique combination of water and land exercise programs that we call Swymfit.  What makes us different is our orientation to movement-based workouts in low or no impact, joint-friendly environments. Our programs are designed to deliver superior total body results with little risk of injury.


Through the combination of deep water exercise, Keiser strength training machines and a variety of body weight/movement exercise routines, the Swymfit Program will help you reach your desired level of fitness.  We excel in adult fitness needs, but can also help the young and aspiring athlete develop their athletic fitness and skills.


Swymfit also offers swim lessons and youth swim teams.  


Swymfit 360 Small Group Training

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Small Groups - Big Results!

A balance of land and water workouts



Swim Lessons - NEW Session Starts October 27th Registration for currently enrolled swimmers begins Oct. 10th

Open Registration begins on Oct. 17th

4, 5, 6, 7, or 8-week classes

(see registration form for the length of each class)