Swymfit Water Classes

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Swymfit Deep Water Classes (45 minutes)

pairOnLadderUsing flotation belts for assistance and specialized water barbells and boards for resistance, our no impact deep water classes offer fluid and free movement without the impact stress common to most land-based routines.

For the out-of-shape or injured who wish to regain a baseline moderate level of fitness, we emphasize mobility by concentrating on balance and coordination and pain-free range of motion so you can handle everyday physical tasks more easily.

For moderately fit individuals who wish to improve or maintain their fitness, we add agility training to the mobility exercises. You'll see improvements to your core strength and body awareness along with better cardiovascular function.

For the athlete or highly fit individual, we add higher intensity conditioning and power training for a vigorous total body effect to get you better prepared for sporting competition or your own physical activities.

If you have never tried a Swymfit Class, we encourage you to first come to the Saturday 10am, or Monday 7:15pm classes that are designed for beginners, or schedule a complimentary appointment with Steve or Curtis to get started. If you have an injury, prior to attending a group class we will schedule a complementary session with Steve. Always let your Swymfit instructor know of any injury issue prior to class so that if needed, modifications can be made.

Swymfit 300 Land & Water (45 minutes)

This class combines land and water exercise. Experience the same joint-friendly, movement oriented pool routine on the land. Start in the exercise room and then move to the pool - enjoy the best of both worlds!

Swymfit Arthritis (45 minutes)

Specialized class for individuals with knee osteoarthritis.

Water Aerobics (1 hour)

Our low impact shallow water aerobics class is a mix of traditional water aerobics with elements of Swymfit deep water exercise. These classes offer more familiar exercise routines with the benefits of being in the water, while introducing you to Swymfit water exercises.


These water based Swymfit classes were created by Swymfit's owner and founder Dr. Steve Victorson. Dr. Victorson holds a Masters Certification in the Burdenko Method, a practical application of water and land exercises based on a holistic approach to rehabilitation, conditioning, and training.

For additional tips on workout strategies, fitness, health and the world of athletics visit Steve at www.stevevictorson.com