Adult Swim Lessons

Adult Swim Lessons

Swimming is great exercise, low impact and fun!

Adult Swim LessonsIt is also a critical skill. Don't let a fear of the water keep you from missing out on all the benefits of swimming.

Adult Beginner - For the complete beginner

In this class you will learn the basic components of swimming and survival in the water. Skills worked on will include: bubble breathing, front and back floats, flutter kicking with and without kickboard, crawl arm strokes, elementary arm stroke (on back with flutter kick), and sitting bobs.

Adult Intermediate - For swimmers ready to swim a full length of the pool 

A 45 minute class that reviews all skills in the beginner class plus rotary (side) breathing, deep water bobs, whip kick (front and back), and breaststroke. The goal for this class is to be able to swim 25 yards twice.


Swimming Lessons

Early Spring 2020 Swimming Lesson Dates: February  24th - April 19th

Come into the club or call 978-635-0500 to register.

Registration is open to the public

7 group classes (30 min): $189 non-member / $161 member

8 group classes (30 min): $216 non-memeber / $184 member

Stroke & Fitness - 8 group classes (60 min): $312 non-member/ $280 member

Adult Beginner & Intermediate - 8 group classes (45 min): $320 non-member / $288 member 


Maximum Class Sizes

  • Guppy - 3 Students
  • Level 1, 2, and 3 - 4 Students
  • Level 4 - 5 Students
  • Level 5, 6, Parent-Tot, and Adult - 6 Students
  • Stroke & Fitness - 8 Students