Swymfit Swim Lessons for Kids

2 kids swim lessonSigning your child up for swimming lessons is truly a gift that you give to your child. Swimming is an activity that offers a lifetime of safety, fun, AND fitness!

Watch your child become more confident in the water while making new friends. Each weekly lesson is a half-hour long. Class sizes are kept small to ensure that each swimmer will get enough personal attention. 

Limited openings for Private and Semi-Private lessons may also be available upon request.

The program follows a progression of levels, based on ability. Your child can start in the appropriate level. If you are unsure of the proper level for your child, please call the Swymfit Front Desk at 978-635-0500 and we will be happy to schedule a complementary evaluation.

Swymfit pool policy requires any child in diapers to wear a disposable swim diaper and a second reusable plastic pant over the diaper. If you forget either item, we can provide you with these at the front desk.  Any child not wearing the proper plastic pants under their swim suit will be asked to leave the pool.  


4 Children per Class

For children ages 6-36 months with parent or caregiver in the water with child. Adults learn how to hold child properly in the water, while tots learn to kick on stomach and back, to paddle on stomach, to blow bubbles correctly, to wait for the parent to tell them it is okay to enter the water safely, and to splash around. Students also learn how to float on front and back with support, and how to use a noodle the proper way. We sing songs in the water at the beginning and end of each class. Have fun in the water with your little one!

Beginner : Trust and Submersion

3 Children per Class

This level is the starting point for swimmers to become familiar with the water.

  1. Ask permission to get in the water.
  2. Enter and exit the pool using the stairs.
  3. Change direction while walking in chest deep water.
  4. Pour water over head and get face wet.
  5. Blow bubbles using mouth.
  6. Crab walk 5 yards.
  7. Know how to climb out without using stairs.
  8. Maintain front and back float positions with support.
  9. Roll over from front to back and from back to front with support.
  10. Jump from side of pool with assistance.
  11. Alternating arm and kicking action with support.
  12. Travel 3 yards kicking with support from a noodle.

Safety Skill: Ask permission to get in the water.

Level Mastery Skill: Independently enter water, walk through water, blow bubbles, crab walk, and climb out of the water.

Level 1: Body Position and Air Recovery

Maximum 4 Children per Class

  1. Go over pool rules.
  2. Enter and exit the pool safely using steps, ladder, and side of pool.
  3. Bob 2 times with a breath in between.
  4. Open eyes underwater with or without goggles and retrieve submerged objects.
  5. Blow bubbles for 3 seconds while face is submerged.
  6. Crab walk 15 yards.
  7. Hold breath underwater for 5 seconds.
  8. Front and back float for 5 seconds independently.
  9. Front and back streamline assisted.
  10. Travel 5 yards kicking with the support of a noodle.
  11. Roll over from front to back and from back to front with support
  12. Recover from front and back floats to a standing position.

Safety Skill: Discuss water safety.

Level Mastery Skill: Enter water from stairs, front float, recover to standing, float on back, recover to standing position, exit water utilizing stairs.

Level 2: Forward Movement and Direction Change

Maximum 4 Children per Class

  1. Know how to call emergency services (911).
  2. Bob in a rhythmic pattern 5 times.
  3. Flutter kick on front and back for 5 yards.
  4. Front streamline with and without kick without assistance
  5. Back streamline with and without kick without assistance
  6. Roll over from front to back and from back to front without assistance.
  7. Side glide on both sides with support.
  8. Side glide with kick on both sides with support.
  9. Elementary backstroke for 5 yards.
  10. Freestyle arm movement with flutter kick for 5 yards.
  11. Enter water by jumping from the side of the pool and returning to the wall.
  12. Tread water for 10 seconds.

Safety Skill: Know how to call emergency services.

Level Mastery Skill: Jump from side of the pool, freestyle 5 yards, tread water for 10 seconds, elementary backstroke back to side of the pool.



Level 3: Stroke Development and Rotary Movement

Maximum 4 Children per Class

  1. Bob in a rhythmic pattern 10 times.
  2. Flutter kick on front and back 25 yards with a kickboard.
  3. Side glide to back float, rest and breathe.
  4. Side glids, one overarm pull, roll to back to rest and breathe.
  5. Side glide to streamline to side glide (same side).
  6. Front and back streamline with kick, then roll to side glide to rest and breathe.
  7. Rotary breathing freestyle 15 yards.
  8. Backstroke 15 yards.
  9. Frog kick 15 yards.
  10. Elementary backstroke 25 yards.
  11. Dive from a sitting position.
  12. Float and tread water in the deep end for 30 seconds.

Safety Skill: Tread water for 30 seconds.

Level Mastery Skill: Dive from deep end, freestyle 15 yards wotj rotary breathing, tread water 30 seconds, backstroke 15 yards, exit pool by climbing out from side.

Level 4: Stroke Improvement and Integrated Movement

Maximum 4 Children per Class

  1. How to put on a lifejacket.
  2. Introduction to bilateral rotary breathing.
  3. Freestyle 25 yards.
  4. Backstroke 25 yards.
  5. Beaststrole 25 yards.
  6. Retrieve an object from a depth of 4-5 feet.
  7. Dolphin kick for 5 yards.
  8. Underwater swimming for 5 yards.
  9. Flutter kick on front and back for 50 yards each.
  10. Feet first surface dive.
  11. Tread water for 1 minute.
  12. Compact dive.

Safety Skill: Put on a lifejacket and kick

Level Mastery Skill: Compact Dive from deep end, freestyle 25 yards, open turn, backstroke 25 yards, tread water for 1 minute.

Level 5: Stroke Refinement

Maximum 6 Children per Class

  1. Reach and throw assists.
  2. Freestyle 50 yards with bilateral rotary breathing
  3. Backstroke 50 yards.
  4. Breaststroke 25 yards.
  5. Butterfly 15 yards.
  6. Scissor kick.
  7. Open turns for freestyle and backstroke..
  8. Somersault.
  9. Retrieve diving ring from a depth of 5 - 6 feet.
  10. Tread water for 2 minutes.
  11. Standing dive.
  12. Basic lifesaving assists

Safety Skill:  Use flotation device to help someone in trouble in the water.

Level Mastery Skill: Perform a standing dive, 50 yards Freestyle, 50 yards Backstroke, and 25 yards Breaststroke.

Level 6: Advanced Stroke Technique and Endurance

Maximum 6 Children per Class

  1. Racing dive.
  2. Flip turns for backstroke and freestyle.
  3. Open turns for breaststroke and butterfly.
  4. Breaststroke pullout.
  5. Tuck and pike surface dive.
  6. Freestyle 100 yards with flip turns.
  7. Backstroke 100 yards with flip turns.
  8. Breaststroke 100 yards with pullouts
  9. Butterfly 25 yards.
  10. Sidestroke 50 yards.
  11. 100 IM
  12. Retrieving diving brick from a depth of 9 feet.

Safety Skill: Tuck and pike surface dive.

Level Mastery Skill: (100 yard Individual Medley) Perform a racing dive, 25 yards Butterfly, 25 yards Backstroke, 25 yards Breaststroke, 25 yards Freestyle.

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